Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are you thinking of selling in 2014?

Are you thinking of selling in 2014? What does the 2014 home buyer look like? As a REALTOR my job is to have an educated opinion on what buyers are looking for. Sellers need a good understanding of who they are marketing their home to. The market is looking up for 2014 and being prepared for the current buyers increases the chances of selling your home in a shorter time period.

In several of my open houses that I had recently there was an overwhelmingly large number of buyers that were looking due to a relocation situation. This means they had recently transferred jobs and were given a relocation package as an aide to help with selling their home and finding housing closer to their new employment. Some had sold their homes where they had moved from and some were still trying to sell their homes. Regardless of whether or not they had sold their homes they and their family had transferred to be close to the new job. They were currently renting and needed to find a home. Given that I cover El Dorado County, Sacramento County and Placer County the buyers I was talking with were recently transferred to Roseville, Folsom and the Bay area as well. Yes they were looking at homes here in the Foothills even though they were going to be working in the Bay Area. Why is this? They can’t afford to purchase a home in the Bay Area that fits their family. You get more for your money the further away you get from the Bay Area. So buyers are looking outside of their current work location to get a bigger home, more yard and excellent community attributes.

What does this mean for my sellers? The buyers that are looking at their home will have very little knowledge of the area. So I am prepared to highlight not only the home, but the town in which it resides. I like my sellers to not only tell me what they love about their home but what drew them to the town as well. We almost need to act as tour guides for our out of town guests. The buyers will take the info on the home back with them but they will also take back a deeper sense of the surrounding area. I have found this helps the buyers attach themselves to the home even more. Price will always be #1, but a good relocation package full of info of the area surrounding the listed home is very important.


The increase in job relocation to this area is great news for sellers. Call me today and find out the current value of your home. Let me help you decide if now is the right time for you to sell!


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